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The Proper Way to Consume a Cupcake

“Jen”, who works at the salon I go to, always has the greatest culinary tidbits.  A foodie like me, albeit a much younger one, she lives in the heart of a gastronomic mecca on Capitol Hill.  We both love sweets and – lucky Jen – a Cupcake Royale opened right beneath her apartment.   Besides filling me in on “Cupcake Happy Hour” (do you love it!) when the day’s unsold gems go for 50% off, she also instructed me on the best way to eat a cupcake, as related to her by a manager of the store.  Now this is a fine and very personal science.  Everyone has their own technique, just like when eating Oreos.  However, I think you’ll agree that this method via Cupcake Royale has it nailed.  They suggest removing the top half or “crown” of the cupcake, flipping it over, and replacing it on top of the bottom; in essence making a “cupcake sandwich”.  That way, you get frosting with every bite AND remove the possibility of ending up with telltale “cupcake nose” (frosting on the tip of the proboscis), a sure sign that you have downed the evidence and not shared with others.  Your preferred approach?

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One Response to “The Proper Way to Consume a Cupcake”

  1. February 2nd, 2010 at 9:15 am

    franticfoodie says:

    ohhhhhh, now I get it. That is how you eat it. I thought you just shove it into your mouth when no one is looking!

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