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Suja cleanse is delish and here’s the dish…Day #1

Suja Delivery Box 1 10 8 13Last week I received a HUGE box from Suja Juice filled with 18 bottles for a 3-Day cleanse.   Beautifully packed, each 16 ounce bottle was a different shade of healthy:  intense orange, various shades of green, bright red and mocha.  With a weekend ahead of entertaining and football watching parties, it seemed like a sane idea to wait until the Monday after to detoxify, as I was sure to eat and drink with abandon.  We do try to eat healthy in our house, so the fact that the juice is 100% organic and non-GMO verified, made it especially appealing.  Well, the start of the week is here and so instead of a Grande Soy Latte, my morning began with a “Glow”, quite literally.

Suja Juice Glow 2 10 13I must have been a bunny in a past life as vegetables and fruits call to me.  “Glow” is an avocado green made from apples, celery, cucumber, spinach, collard, kale and a sprig of mint.  It sounded like a salad I would order off a lunch menu, so there was some doubt harbored as to how that would translate to a breakfast drink.  Actually, it was delicious and refreshing.  While it may not have delivered that jolt of java (probably a good thing), it did get me up and moving.  I felt like I had consumed a garden.  “Glow” was quite filling, so I didn’t miss anything about my usual breakfast of grapefruit and toast or oatmeal.

Time ticks by, especially when you’re working and a couple of hours later, it was mid-morning – when I often grab a handful of almonds if I am slowing down.


Suja Juice Fuel 10 13However, it was time for “Fuel” according to my clock.  Bright orange, it looked like it could power a rocket.  It was quite apparent that carrots dominated this drink.  In addition it had orange, apple, pineapple, lemon and turmeric in it.  It was light, as promised, and had a crisp, clean taste.  Each of Suja’s juices are cold pressed to prevent oxidation and keep the nutrients intact.  I think it really does yield a fresher taste.

Tomorrow, I’ll cover my lunch and mid-afternoon break drinks.  So far I am feeling quite full, peppy and not at all deprived.  Am also making frequent trips to the – how should I put it delicately – powder room.  I gave my hubby a taste of each bottle and he was quite impressed.  As I have 6 bottles to go through a day, I’ll let you know how it is going!

(Suja Juice provided this cleanse for me to try.  I did not pay for it nor am I receiving any remuneration for what I write).


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