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Foraging in the Kitchen

It’s a fall night and as always, around 5 pm, the talk is dinner.  As my husband is from Southern California, he loves to barbecue and is totally undaunted by the weather (neighbors once rushed over during a snow fall to tell us our house was on fire, only to end up staying for paella right off the grill).  However, we’ve done steaks, ribs, chicken and fish all summer and are restless, looking for something different and are way too tired from a long work week to venture out.  Pizza, he is murmuring.  Oh yah, I’m right on top of it.  From my foggy memory banks I remember that there is some extra dough I froze when recipe testing for Tamara Murphy’s new book – Tender: Farmer’s, Cooks, Eaters, so I pull it out of the icy depths and start scouring the fridge and pantry for ingredients.  Mister Skeptic worries that the dough will either ooze between the grating or bake itself onto it, becoming a ruinous cement mess.  I point out that the recipe says it will be easy to flip, and slide right off.  He does have a healthy respect for the written word (even if he does raise one brow and get me to swear I’ll help scrub if disaster befalls), so we get to work.  With Tamara’s recipe as a base, instead of foraged mushrooms, we have foraged kitchen pizza.  An hour later (the dough defrosted fairly quickly in the warm kitchen), we are sitting down to something hot, crusty and while far from symmetrical, definitely one darn good pizza.  Already under discussion as we eat away are less coals in the Weber as it was a tad too hot, the taste possibilities of adding wood chips like mesquite, seasonal toppings, and how to adapt this into a flat bread to accompany a grilled meat and veggie future dinner.  There is also the dawning realization that a stash of frozen dough should become a kitchen staple, ready to take out at a moment’s notice, should last-minute company appear.  Who would of “thunk”?

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